Me myself myself

...and other people

...and other people

...and my team

...and my team

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...and my company


Me in myself

Are you able to say that you feel unrestrained by and true to yourself? That you regularly feel energised, brave, and determined in your endeavours? That you are attentive to your physical and psychological well being?

Through personalised coaching sessions tailored to attend to you as an individual, I will guide you towards liberation from self-limiting anxieties and attitudes. Our goal is to bring you to a point where you can access the power of personal choice – enabling you to free your natural motivation and talents, and forge your own path in your career and your life with enjoyment, energy and enthusiasm.

Me and other people

Interacting with others: when do you really relish it? When do you find it a challenge? Are your interactions with other people an enriching experience for everyone involved, or does your behaviour toward others impede, rather than promote, communication?

Our coaching sessions will help you to identify key aspects of interpersonal communication in order to achieve positive, mutually beneficial results. In any interaction, the working styles and agendas, the personal and corporate values, and the structural culture of the company environment must be taken into consideration, in addition to the more psychological perspectives and attitudes of the people involved. Sensitive to your own needs in this process, I will equip you with the means to analyse and interpret which of these interpersonal aspects are best appealed to, and how. The result: openness, mutual reward, appropriate control, and deeper understanding of how one’s needs correspond to the needs of others.

Me and my team

You are in charge of a team: how genuinely satisfied are you within this role? Individual coaching will develop your leadership aptitude by enabling you to identify a clear path through complex and opaque situations. Leadership is a delicate skill, and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ process to becoming an effective leader. Working closely together, we will diagnose a course authentic to your own needs, goals and working practices, facilitating the setting of clear objectives, the smooth coordination of tasks, and the successful management of your own and your team’s performance.

The clarity of your own vision in turn facilitates that of your team. Our coaching sessions together allow you to recognise and respond to the varied perspectives, attitudes and behaviours of the individuals that make up your team, and the collective culture this creates. Understanding the corporate structures that your team has helped shape and is shaped by, you will be able to identify key issues and core concerns quickly and efficiently, allowing for rapid progress and lasting results in collaborative problem solving, conflict resolution and interpersonal communication. Leaders can also benefit from in-team coaching; by working with the team as a whole, I am able to facilitate reflection on collective practice, providing an exterior perspective to the group dynamic, and discerning the team’s strengths as well as areas for improvement. Team coaching, therefore, enables you not only to lead your team with empathy, energy and enthusiasm, but to enjoy the long-term benefits of trusting and dynamic working relationships.

Me and my company

Self-awareness is at the core of all good leadership. You have achieved the level of CEO, board chair or director in your organisation: what do you stand for? Are you able to confidently state that your working practices truly reflect your core values? Do the decisions you make based on your role in business cohere with the decisions you make based on your role as a human being?

As a senior executive, you have the choice and the power to construct and manage the systems that contribute to your company’s attitudes and behaviours, corporate culture, ethos, and business structures. When working in synchronicity, these systems have the capacity to benefit the mind and the body of every individual who helps to make your company what it is. Coaching with me will enable you to identify the connection between your values and the needs of your company, allowing a dialogue between that which you stand for and that over which you hold responsibility. We will spend time understanding your business vision, needs and goals, as well as the steps you need to take to establish sustainable systems for their fulfilment.

Extending your view from different perspectives

Who is coaching for?

Anyone can benefit from the right coaching, but coaching works best with those who are ready and willing to develop their own resourcefulness, confidence, and self-reliance. Coaching involves no small amount of reflection on one’s own self-limiting attitudes and behaviours, working to identify, manage and remove these obstructions, and clearing a path to achieving one’s goals. When we recognise how we are standing in our own way, we are able to make changes to ourselves and our relationships with others. Coaching therefore has profound effects not only on the performance of individuals, but on the organisational success of teams, companies, and even corporations.

My approach

My approach to coaching is integrated and combinative. This means that I will often apply a carefully selected range of psychological techniques and coaching perspectives to provide the most affective practice for the client. These perspectives are combined with insights gained through extensive experience and expertise coaching across a wide variety of organisations and individuals.


Coaching can be in either English or German. There are no fixed session courses; the coaching process will last as long as you need it to. You are not required to sit a session with me in person if you are not able; I also conduct coaching sessions over the telephone or via Skype.

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