Dynamic coaching
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What can you expect under coaching with me? Firstly, expect to be the centre of attention: the coaching process is unconditionally about you. Are you looking to discover and develop your capacity for leadership? Would you like to harness that capacity to lead yourself, your team, and even your company? Do you want to feel more energised, fulfilled and satisfied at work?

A strong understanding of your potentialities, strengths and capabilities enables you to tackle bigger challenges with more proficiency and confidence, helping what you do to truly reflect who you are. Working closely together, we will discover and unlock those barriers preventing you from developing your potential and applying it productively. From meeting short term goals to achieving long term aspirations, coaching challenges your ways of thinking about yourself and your relationship to others, providing you with the right tools and techniques to bring about a happier, healthier, more successful you.

Coaching sessions with me are focused, centred, yet dynamic, drawing on my rich experience in locating and applying the most suitable psychological methods. I have coached executives from national and international companies, from government ministries, private corporations and public sector institutions, both individually and in teams, for over ten years. I also welcome non-sponsored individual clients.

Dr. Katrin Hinzdorf

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