For your own further development as a coach

I am a clinical and occupational psychologist and certified coach for teams and individuals. Having coached executives from various industries for over 16 years, I am particularly dedicated to assisting founders and start-ups develop their own personalities, teams, and organizations, in order to facilitate purpose, culture, and growth. Wanting to take the next step to become a coach supervisor, I enrolled on the Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational Supervision and Executive Coaching Supervision at Ashridge, UK, run by Hult International Business School, April 2019. Since March 2021 I have been an Ashridge Accredited Coaching & OD Supervisor.

I have always been driven by the wish to free people from the structures that hold them back, within themselves, and in their interpersonal relations. I see my role as a supervisor as helping to ‘unblock’ the supervisee, freeing them to work effectively with their client(s); offering space to partner with the supervisee to examine cases together.

If you decide to work with me as your supervisor, you as a coach will develop a much clearer understanding of your case and your role, will gain new perspectives, will know what to do next (and why to do it), and learn to be present with your clients in order to use your experiences with them as data to advance your work further.

For me, the relational approach within Hawkins & Shohet’s 7-eyed model constitutes the basis for this approach: it’s about being present, connected with oneself, and trusting the process of inquiry wherein something unexpected might happen. I enjoy evoking insights—inner shifts in feeling, knowing, and experiencing that cannot always be explained. Something is suddenly clear, different: an emotion dares to show itself that was previously buried. This helps us consider complex, multi-layered challenges, within ourselves or within team dynamics, and toward organizational changes.

Within this reflective, safe space I fulfil the formative, restorative and normative tasks of supervision. When acting in the formative function, I offer alternative perspectives on the issue at hand, creating new awareness without implying that I know something better. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences toward inspiration and development. If I feel that my supervisee is emotionally blocked from fear or bad experiences, or they are energetically blocked, I work restoratively. I can also open up a normative space, allowing the supervisee to observe boundaries from different perspectives. I believe that inquiry can generate learning and ethical awareness, enabling an approach that is beneficial for the client and the coach.

I´m very aware that as a supervisor I can only meet my supervisee to the extent that I´m able to meet myself. Therefore, I pay continuous, reflective attention to my own development.

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